About the Company

The BURENERGO company is implementing alternative technologies in the field of energy supply based on renewable energy sources and sees its development prospect in the planned market promotion of affordable and quickly pays systems of electrical and heat supply, which are operating due to solar, wind and earth energy. The company is providing wide educational activity to form a new culture of energy generation and consumption at home, office and manufacture. The company has a unique experience of successful projects on the heat and energy supply of buildings by using the advanced technologies based on the energy conservation and alternative power.

Our company offers the following services:
• advising on the equipment selection;
• systems designing;
• supply of equipment and components;
• drilling wells for geothermal probes;
• laying of floor heating;
• installation of engineering equipment;
• connection and commissioning of the supplied equipment;
• systems service;
• energy audit.

An important part of the company is a demonstration and education Energy Park “East”.  To date this center is unique in the Ukraine at complex provision of alternative energy technologies. It is a completely autonomous building with office and warehouse space and a number of auxiliary engineering structures, isolated from the external sources of electricity, gas and heat supply.

On the basis of our company the regular training of specialists in the design, installation and service are held. We also teach an introductory course on innovative technologies and energy efficiency for business leaders, government organizations and private individuals.
Our specialists can find the optimal, economically sound decision for each client in the short terms.





62304 Украина, Харьковская обл.,
пос. Солоницевка, пер. Комсомольский, 6




Give us a call at+00 123 456 789
Email us atsupport@weebpal.com



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